• Farmer Tony’s Bio

    Farmer Tony Farrell started his current business venture, Farrell Marketing Technology LLC dba Computer Behavioral Clinic, in April of 2011. Over his lengthy career as an information technology entrepreneur, he has worked on tens of thousands of … Read More…

    Farmer Tony’s Bio
  • Restaurants & Grocery

    We are constantly seeking to form great relationships with local vendors such as restaurants, grocers and other retailers who are looking to provide good, local food to their customers. Restaurants - If you own a restaurant that prefers to source … Read More…

    Restaurants & Grocery
  • Our Mission

    Our core mission is to create a world free of hunger and poverty by teaching everyone agricultural entrepreneurship. Our mission is both tiny - like microgreens - and huge - like our hearts. Hence our tagline 'Micro Greens, Huge Heart' The primary … Read More…

    Our Mission

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The following story was reported by Chip Brewster, filmed and edited by Miles Cooksy and aired on … Read More...

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